Rockin Recovery event at Old Silver Beach

Troy’s Take
The Enterprise
By Troy Clarkson

Music is a universal language – and music is a universal healer.

Recently, when a local retired firefighter experienced a catastrophic injury, it was music that helped them heal and make renovations to their home to make it accessible.

Recently, when a local woman entered recovery after years of struggle and pain, it was music that helped her find a way out and a way up, and a pathway to employment, a home, and healing.

I keep a conductor’s baton at my desk at work. When I’m feeling the weight of the day, I escape in a little Beethoven and conduct his seventh (and, I believe, finest) symphony. Other days, Cab Calloway’s “Minnie the Moocher” brings me a healing smile. A little “Sweet Caroline” can instantly turn a frown upside-down, and I’ve proven that theory by singing that iconic Neil Diamond song and what is now a local sports anthem before audiences of from 10 to 10,000.

No matter our plight, music can make it right.

Here in Falmouth, a couple of local nonprofits have embraced that concept and are offering the opportunity to have fun and heal with their music offerings. Going beyond the healing quality of the music, they are also using the proceeds from their musical events to further support the community – like giving women in early recovery a way up and helping first responders respond to their own challenges.

RWW will present – for the fourth year – “Rockin’ Recovery” at Old Silver Beach, a free concert featuring the Moonlighters, one of Cape Cod’s best-known and most beloved rock bands. Each year, the concert raises funds to support the healing work of RWW and provides hours of singing, dancing, and summer memories.

RWW Executive Director Sammi Jo Franco shared some of the same gratitude for the generosity of attendees and the team that has brought music to Old Silver for many years. The concert is free, but buckets are passed and each year, thousands are raised to support the many programs of RWW.

Sammi Jo explained why this effort is so important to her. “I am woman whose coming up on 5 years of recovery by the grace of God & RWW,” she explained, highlighting what RWW and its healing programs have meant to her. She continued by noting that, “Sunsets & music are my healthy alternative to substances. Everyone is recovering from something; there’s no doubt about that. I think now more than ever, people are looking for their own way to find healing. Rockin’ Recovery is a night to celebrate life lived fully present. Sobriety is having fun – you remember with friends and immerse yourself in the Cape’s natural beauty. Seeing people come out in support of what RWW does every year proves the work we do is vital. As we expand our holistic programs for women this fall, we hope that this fundraiser will jumpstart our efforts.” I’m sure the generous Falmouthites who show up for Rockin’ Recovery will surely help with that jumpstart.