Dedicated to helping women heal

their lives interrupted by substance abuse and related trauma.

Recovery Without Walls

Our mission, as the only all-women’s long-term program on Cape Cod, is to create innovative solutions and promote long term recovery.

RWW offers holistic services, structure, safety, support and stability to women following treatment for substance abuse.

All of our programs are free of cost through our Women’s Recovery Network, an in person and online tool for holistic treatment.

Support for Women dealing with substance abuse Recovery Without Walls Wilson House

Our Services

  • Recovery Mentoring

  • 8-week trauma informed group therapy program with an LICSW

  • Financial assistance based on clients’ individual needs

  • Acupuncture & Meditation weekly

  • Holistic treatment for women in sober living
  • Feminine care management through our period project
  • Educational Funding
  • Dance Therapy & Arial Yoga
  • Women’s Support Groups
  • Referrals for local health resources
  • Collaboration with local wellness organizations


Our acupuncture services are open to women in detox programs, inpatient treatment facilities and sober living houses, as well as women in the community in various stages of recovery. A number of inpatient facilities will bring women to our locations for acupuncture.

Acupuncture helps with cravings, anxiety, withdrawal & detox symptoms, Suboxone & Methadone taper and overall stress to help individuals ease into sobriety and successfully continue on their journey to recovery.

Recovery Without Walls offers acupuncture & meditation in our Falmouth office at 350 Gifford Street:

Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 11am.
The 1st & 3rd Monday of the month @ 6:30pm.

Additional acupuncture sessions are available from:
On Mondays at the PIER Recovery Center of Cape Cod · 209 Main Street (rear entrance), Hyannis, MA, United States, Massachusetts
(508) 827-6150

On Thursdays at The Pause – Community Center for Recovery
250 Underpass Road PO Box 1973, Brewster, MA, United States, Massachusetts

Restorative Yoga
with Nikki

This style of yoga restores the body to its parasympathetic nervous system function, which in turn helps the body rest, heal, and restore balance.

Classes are held for women in recovery at Recovery Without Wall’s office located at 350 Gifford Street in Homeport, Falmouth.

recovery yoga class

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    What our satisfied clients say:

    “My mind and body are 100% washed clean of negative energy, thoughts and pain.”

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    “Acupuncture is really helping me save my life.”

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    “I was having my worst day in treatment yet – this turned my mood, cravings and anxiety around completely.”

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    About Recovery Without Walls

    Recovery Without Walls is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers resources to women on Cape Cod affected by addiction and related trauma.

    Our services include personal recovery support and financial assistance for higher education programs, medical expenses, car repair and occasionally housing costs.

    As a non-profit organization, Recovery Without Walls depends entirely on contributions.

    Join us in supporting women as they rebuild their lives and become positive, empowered and involved members of the Cape Cod community.