Dedicated to helping women heal

their lives interrupted by substance abuse and related trauma.


Founded in 2006 by Bill Dougherty, Recovery Without Walls has helped thousands of women on their journey to recovery. Over the years, Recovery Without Walls has supported women affected by addiction in a number of ways. And while the specific offerings have shifted in recent years, our main goal has always been the same – to help women heal from life interruptions, reach their potential and live the lives they truly deserve – while simultaneously bettering the Cape Cod community around them.

women group recovery sunset

Bill Doughterty, founder and Executive Director of Recovery Without Walls, has made it his mission to help women of Barnstable county heal and recover. After seeing the staggering amount of trauma women face (that often leads to or is related to substance use issues), Bill started Recovery Without Walls with the intention of providing assistance to this marginalized group as best he could.

From 2006 to 2017, Recovery Without Walls’ primary offering was treatment placement and recovery support. We knew the difficulties people face when trying to get into treatment and when transitioning out of an acute level of care, so we wanted to support women during this time. We helped women get into the right treatment center for them and stayed with them post-treatment to help them find housing, get jobs, learn new skills and live an overall healthy lifestyle.

In 2017, our offerings began to shift to holistic treatment for addiction and related trauma. Bill’s passion to help is stronger than ever as Recovery Without Walls makes waves in the Cape Cod community, bringing this no-cost, effective treatment to women looking to build upon their recovery and live empowered, healthy, positive lives.

Since its inception, Recovery Without Walls has been run entirely by volunteers and been funded solely through donations, grants and events. Volunteers have helped keep Recovery Without Walls running smoothly over the years and countless donors have provided us with the financial resources we need to keep serving the community.

To support the cause, change lives and help make Barnstable county a healthier place to live, you can contribute here.

As a non-profit organization, Recovery Without Walls depends entirely on contributions.

Join us in supporting women as they rebuild their lives and become positive, empowered and involved members of the Cape Cod community.