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Established in 2006, Recovery Without Walls is a non-profit organization that depends entirely on contributions.

We are here to support women as they rebuild their lives and become positive, empowered and involved members of the Cape Cod community.

Recovery Without Walls offers holistic services, structure, safety, support and stability to women following treatment for substance abuse.

All of our programs are free of cost through our Women’s Recovery Network, an in person and online tool for holistic treatment.

At Recovery Without Walls, we want to equip women with knowledge of this safe, free, easily accessible tool so that, after treatment, they can find this support and relief whenever and wherever they need it.

Support for Women dealing with substance abuse Recovery Without Walls Wilson House

What our satisfied clients say:

“My mind and body are 100% washed clean of negative energy, thoughts and pain.”

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“Acupuncture is really helping me save my life.”

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“I was having my worst day in treatment yet – this turned my mood, cravings and anxiety around completely.”

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About Recovery Without Walls

Recovery Without Walls is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers resources to women on Cape Cod affected by addiction and related trauma.

Our services include personal recovery support and financial assistance for higher education programs, medical expenses, car repair and occasionally housing costs.