Abby’s House
52 High St.
Worcester, MA 01609
508 756 5486 (24 hrs)

Clients: Battered women and their children.
Capacity: 10 beds and 60 transitional units.
Length of Stay: 2 weeks (flexible).
Services: Advocacy, referral, food, day program, some transportation, Spanish.
Referral: Self

Women’s Resources, Inc.
P.O. Box 2503
Fitchburg, MA 01420
508 342 2919
978 685 2480 (Hotline)
978 685 5481 (Office)

Length of Stay: 3 months
Clients: Battered women and their children.
Capacity: 12 beds; 5 families, 1 single.
Services: Advocacy, counseling, referral, food, limited clothing, Spanish, French.
Referral: Self

Daybreak Resources for Women & Children
P.O. Box 3093
Worcester, MA 01613 508 755 5371
508 755-9030 (Hotline)

Clients: Battered women and their children (boys to 12).
Capacity: 25 beds, 6 families.
Length of Stay: 3-month program.
Services: Advocacy, counseling, referral, food, some clothing, out reach.
Referral: Self, DSS, hospitals, police


Our Father’s House
55 Lunenburg Street
P.O. Box 7251
Fitchburg, MA 01420
978 345-3050

Capacity: 20 men (case by case), 8 women (transitional)
Length of Stay: up to 6 months
Services: Spanish; advocacy; 3 meals/day; counseling & med ical care by referral; minimal clothing
Restrictions: Over 18; 24 hrs sobriety
Referral: Self + agencies

Winterhaven Shelter
10 N. Bow Street
Milford, MA 01757
(508) 478-2333

Capacity: 10 individuals (men + women); 6 families
Length of Stay: Variable
Services: Counseling, medical care & day programs; 3 meals/day; clothing; Spanish; limited storage; food pantry nearby.
Restrictions: Sobriety; in search of housing; 7:30pm curfew (M-Th); 9pm curfew (F&S)
Referral: Self for individual shelter, DTA for family shelter

Marlboro Shelter
57 Mechanic Street
Marlboro, MA 01752
508 481-7847

Capacity: 15 men. 3 women
Length of Stay: 1-45 days
Services: Advocacy; counseling (not on site); dinner daily (kitchen facilities for breakfast & lunch); clothing referrals; handicap accessible; doctor once/week; storage facilities (lockers)
Restrictions: Sobriety; must have good supply of medication; 10 pm curfew.
Referral: Self; agencies; hospitals, call before coming in.

Worcester Public Inebriate Program (PIP)
695-701 Main Street
P.O. Box 17078,
Main St. Station
Worcester, MA 01601
508 757-0103

Capacity: 100 (men & women)
Length of Stay: Unlimited
Services: Advocacy; counseling; 3 meals/day; clothing; Spanish; handicapped accessible; nurse dept; doctor 2 times/week; day programs; limited transportation; limited storage.
Restrictions: Over 18
Referral: Self


Friendly House
87 Elm Street
Worcester 01609

Community Rooms: 3
Total Capacity: 13
Services: Advocacy; food 3 meals; clothing bank; food bank, Spanish; nurse visits weekly, referral for counseling; handicap access
Restrictions: Sobriety
Referral: EA eligible; self for community beds

Shepherd’s Place/Willith Center
54 Queen Street
Worcester, MA 01610

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 6 rooms (up to 18 individuals)
Services: Advocacy; counseling by referral; community kitchen; clothing if available; Spanish; day program; transportation.
Restrictions: Sobriety (min. 6 months); no boys over 13; no active domestic abuse or substance abuse
Referral: EA eligible

Interfaith Hospitality Network
YMCA (main office)
766 Main Street
Worcester, MA

Community Rooms: ALL
Total Capacity: 14 people or 5 families mental illness
Services: pick up and drop off at the Y, referrals
Restrictions: Non-EA; location changes as faith groups offer space for families on a rotating basis. Non-active substance abuse, domestic violence, no mental illness.
Referral: Self; any social service agency

Youville House
133 Granite Street
Worcester, MA 01604
508-753-3084 .

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 16
Services: Advocacy; counseling; 3 meals + snacks; clothing; Spanish; learning center; transportation
Restrictions: Sobriety on premises
Referral: EA eligible