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As a non-profit organization, Recovery Without Walls depends entirely on contributions. There are no paid employees, only volunteers who believe in our mission.

RWW offers structure, safety, support and stability to women following treatment for substance abuse.

The following highlights our services:

  • Client support (case management) during the first three to five years following treatment when women are most vulnerable to relapse.
  • Information/ recommendations on housing options that are affordable, safe, and support recovery and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Mentoring/coaching on recovery skills, job placement and educational opportunities.
  • Skill development through general office experience at RWW including event management and website maintenance.
  • Information and referrals on mental health, substance abuse and general health resources.
  • Client advocacy/problem solving around probation issues, drug testing, court ordered treatment, and other legal requirements.
  • Limited financial assistance with rent, medications, legal fines, court fees, etc.
  • Information, support and advocacy for family members needing understanding and guidance for substance abuse issues.
Reducing Craving through Acupuncture

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