Homeless Shelters for Metro-West, Mass

//Homeless Shelters for Metro-West, Mass

Homeless Shelters for Metro-West, Mass


Voices Against Violence
300 Howard St.
Framingham, MA 01702
508 820 0834
508 626 8686 (Hotline)
800 593 1125 (hotline)

Clients: Battered women and their children (boys to 13).
Capacity: 18 beds.
Length of Stay: 90 days.
Services: One room handicap accessible, advocacy, counseling, referral, food, clothing, Spanish, Portuguese.
Referral: Self.


Community Shelter Project
57 Mechanic St.
Marlboro, MA 01752
508 481-7847

Capacity: 18 men and women
Length of Stay: 45 days
Services: Housing, job
Restrictions: No couples search
Referral: Self, state agency

25 Central St.
Ashland, MA 01721
508 231-8710

Capacity: 10 women
Length of Stay: 60 days
Services: Advocacy; counseling; 3 meals/day; clothing; nurse once/week; limited transportation.
Restrictions: Sobriety; 10pm curfew
Referral: Self, agencies

M.E.A.D.O.W.S. Program
20 Cottage St.
Natick, MA 01760
508 647-0348
508 647-949

Capacity: 8 women
Length of Stay: 6 months
Services: Spanish; advocacy; counseling; 2 meals; medical care; some clothing; after care program
Restrictions: Women coming out of incarceration
Referral: Self

Turning Point
75 Hollis Street
Framingham, MA 01702
508 875-6429

Capacity: 18 (14 men, 4 women) + 2 emergency
Length of Stay: 60 days, 2 week intervals
Services: Advocacy; 3 meals/day; handicap accessible; medical care by referral; nearby food pantry.
Restrictions: Sobriety; 10pm curfew
Referral: Self


Medway Family Shelter
17 Holliston St.
Medway, MA 02053

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 11
Services: Spanish, French, Creole, counseling, 3 meals, some clothing, handicap accessible, referrals
Restrictions: Sober
Referral: DTA

Pathways Family Shelter (SMOC)
70 Pearl Street
Framingham, MA 01702

Community Rooms: 1
Total Capacity: 9
Services: Advocacy; counseling community kitchen; food 3 meals/day clothing by referral; limited, transportation; storage facilities.
Restrictions: Sobriety in shelter; 12 am curfew Fri & Sat
Referral: EA eligible; Self for community room

Winterhaven Shelter
10 N. Bow Street
Milford, MA 01757
508 478-2333

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 6 families
Services: Counseling, medical care & day programs by referral; 3 meals/day; clothing; Spanish; limited transportation; limited storage; food pantry nearby.
Restrictions: Sobriety; 7:30prn curfew (M-Th); 9 pm curfew (F&S)
Referral: EA eligible

South Middlesex Opportunity Council
300 Howard St.
Framingham, MA 01701
508-872-0765, 508-620-2623

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 30 scattered sites
Services: Spanish, advocacy, counseling, referrals
Restrictions: Waiting list
Referral: DTA

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