Homeless Shelters North of Boston, Mass


Alternative House
11 Kearney Square
Lowell, MA 01852d
978 937 5777
978 454 1436 (Hotline)

Clients: Battered women and their children (boys to 12).
Capacity: 5 families, 3 singles, 1 handicap room.
Length of Stay: 3 months.
Services: Handicap accessible, advocacy, referral, parenting food pantry, counseling, Spanish, Khmer.
Referral: Self.

Women’s Crisis Center of Newburyport
21 Storey Avenue
Newburyport, MA 01950
978 465 0999
978 465 2155 (24 hours)

Clients: Battered women and children under 18.
Capacity: 1 safe home.
Length of Stay: 5-12 days.
Services: Advocacy, counseling, referral, family casework, children’s programs.
Referral: Self, DTA, DSS, other agencies

27 Congress St.
Salem, MA 01970
978 744 8552
978 744 6841 (Hotline)

Clients: Battered women and their children.
Capacity: 6 (5 families,1 single).
Length of Stay: 3 months.
Services: Advocacy, counseling, Spanish.
Referral: Self.

Women’s Resource Center
599 Canal St.,
Lorenzo Building, 5th floor
Lawrence, MA 01840
800 400 4700 (Hotline)

Clients: Battered women; children, boys to 13.
Capacity: 4 families, 15 beds.
Length of Stay: 90 days.
Services: Handicapped accessible, advocacy, counseling, referral, some food, some clothing/furnishings, Spanish.
Referral: Self.


Action Emergency Homeless Shelter
370 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-4125

Capacity: 20 (16 men & 4 women)
Length of Stay: 3 months / 90 days
Services: Counseling; 2 meals/day; Spanish; handicap accessible; limited medical care (referrals); visiting nurse
Restrictions: Sobriety; 18+ years old; out by 8am, in by 5prn
Referral: Self; walk in; first come, first serve

75 North Parish Road
Lawrence, MA 01843
(978) 975-4547

Capacity: 40 (30 men and 10 women)
(Length of Stay: Variable
Services: Counseling; AA meetings; 2 meals/day (lunch in-house for people w/ medical problems); clothing when available; Spanish; handicap accessibility; on-site clinic; day programs; transportation; limited storage facilities.
Restrictions: Over 18; 9pm curfew.
Referral: Self

Middlesex Shelter, Inc. -Lowell Transitional Living Center
189 Middlesex Street
Lowell, MA 01852
(978) 458-9888

Capacity: 90 (54 men + 36 women)
Length of Stay: Unlimited
Services: Counseling; advocacy; 3 meals/day; clothing; Spanish; nurses; day programs; transportation to detox & medical appts; storage facilities; nearby pantry; lockers.
Restrictions: 18+ years old; from greater Lowell area; sobriety; 8pm curfew (exceptions for AA, jobs, etc.)
Referral: Self; agency in Lowell area

Crombie Street Shelter
7 Crombie Street
P.O. Box 810
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 744-0500

Capacity: 34-38 (1/2 men + 1/2 women)
Length of Stay: 30 days
Services: Counseling; 3 meals/day; clothing; some Spanish; handicap accessible; nurse clinic 2/week; doctor 1/week; day programs; limited transportation; storage facilities.
Restrictions: Sobriety; 18+ years old; 7pm curfew
Referral: Self

Emmaus Inc.
127 How St.
Haverhill, MA 01830
(978) 241-3400

Capacity: 30 (men + women)
Length of Stay: 30 days w/ extensions
Services: Counseling; 2 meals/day; some Spanish; handicapped accessible; visiting nurse; advocacy.
Restrictions: In by 5:30 pm; out by 9:30 am
Referral: Self; hospitals

Mitch’s Place
127 How St.
Haverhill, MA 01830
978 241-3540

Capacity: 30 beds (men or women)
Length of Stay: No limit
Services: Counseling; 2 meals; nurse weekly; some clothing; referrals
Restrictions: 18 +
Referral: Self


Emmaus House
105 Winter Street
P.O. Box 568
Haverhill, MA, 01831

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity:
Services: Advocacy, 3 meals/day; clothing if available Spanish; handicap accessibility; medical care through Health Care for the Homeless; day program.
Restrictions: In shelter 5-6 for meal; accepts 2 parent family
Referral: EA eligible

Inn Between
25 Holten Street
Peabody, MA 10960

Community Rooms: 1
Total Capacity: 6
Services: Advocacy; counseling by referral; 5 dinners/wk; clothing if available; Spanish; handicap accessibility; medical care by referral; limited transportation.
Restrictions: Sobriety for 4-6 months prior
Referral: EA eligible; self for community room

Merrimack House
423 Pawtucket Street
Lowell, MA 01854

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 6
Services: Advocacy; counseling; food; clothing if available; Spanish; access to medical care; day program; some transportation; limited storage facilities; 3 meals.
Restrictions: Sobriety
Referral: EA eligible

House of Hope
812 Merrimack Street
Lowell, MA 01854

Community Rooms: 2
Total Capacity: 16
Services: Advocacy; counseling by referral; 3 meals/day+ snacks; clothing by referral; handicap
accessibility; medical care by referral, well baby clinic once/week; workshops; Spanish.
Restrictions: Sobriety, women and children, boys under 14
Referral: EA eligible; self or social service agency for community rooms

Lazarus House
48 Holly Street Total Capacity., same
Lawrence, MA 01842

Community Rooms: 5 family, 11 individual
Services: Advocacy; limited counseling; 3 meals/day; clothing; Spanish; medical & dental once/week.
Restrictions: Night shelter only-in at 5/out at 8, must be sober while in facility, 14 max age for males
Referral: Social workers, DTA, churches, hospitals

North Shore Community
Action Programs
75 Central Street
(Administration: 98 Main Street)
Peabody, MA 01960

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 15
Services: Advocacy; counseling by referral; clothing if available; Spanish, Portuguese; 1 unit handicap accessible; transportation; food pantry
Restrictions: Sober on premises and stay for one year
Referral: EA Eligible

Pawtucket House
360 Pawtucket St.
Lowell, MA 01854 ;

Community Rooms: 0

Total Capacity: 6
Services: Advocacy; counseling; 3 meals + snacks clothing if available; Spanish; handicap access; access to medical care; limited transportation.
Restrictions: Sobriety; 18 max. age for males; parents 20+
Referral: EA eligible

Stepping Stone
40 Newhall Street
Lynn, MA 01902 ;

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 37
Services: Advocacy; Spanish; counseling; food pantry; clothing; housing search.
Restrictions: 30 days assessment center; up to one year stay
Referral: EA eligible

Turning Point Inc.
Safe Recovery Program(SRP)/Mainstream Housing Program(MHP) .
P.O. Box 779
Amesbury, MA 01913

Community Rooms: some
Total Capacity: 20 total SRP; MHP-10
Services: Advocacy; counseling; food if available clothing by referral; medical care; transportation
Restrictions: MHP- specifically for people recovering from domestic violence; must have children & 6 months sobriety; 2 year time limit. SRP- specifically for people with a history of substance abuse or domestic violence; must have children or be able to reunite.
Referral: DTA, DSS, Self for commun

Sandra’s Lodge
200 Trapello Road
Waltham, MA 02452 –

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 35
Services: French, Spanish, Creole, advocacy, counseling by referral; 3 meals/day; Medication by referral; clothing when available
Restrictions: No males over 12
Referral: EA eligible

Transitional Family Home
254 Broadway
Malden, MA 02148
781 324-1303

Community Rooms: 0
Total Capacity: 34
Services: Counseling, referrals
Restrictions: n/a
Referral: DTA

Wellspring House
302 Essex Ave.
Gloucester, MA 01930

Community Rooms: 1
Total Capacity: 7
Services: Advocacy; 3meals/day; clothing if available; counseling by referral, Spanish; handicap accessibility; child care; transportation to medical & housing appointments. Restrictions: 3 months sobriety
Referral: EA eligible; domestic violence shelter, social service agency, or self for community bed.

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